The Simple Way to Do Your Taxes

Blooming flowers and rain scented breezes signify that it is that time of year again! While most may have thought of Spring, there is a select few who automatically thought of a different season. The infamous tax season. Once upon a time, there was the picture of piled paperwork and the clicking of calculators feverishly working in the background. As time and tech has advanced, we can now take a sigh of relief when it comes to doing our taxes.

Applications and Software have gone from the basics to expert in a matter of just a few years. Developers have heard the tax time blues and took prompt action. With these next level game changers, you can prepare and send in your fiscal year without leaving the comfort of your own home.  While it does do most of the heavy lifting, there is still the matter of choosing the right software for our needs. Here are some specifics you will want to look at when comparing software to help you out this tax season.

Ease of Use

Taxes are hard enough, you do not want to decode and translate the program that’s supposed to be helping you. Software programs such as Turbo Tax and H&R Blocks new system have ranked the top of the charts for being user friendly. Easily defined terms and access will make this tax year a breeze.


Annual adjustments and fiscal accountabilities are unique to your situation. Finding a program that allows you to customize your years portfolio will ensure accuracy and the opportunity to maximize your deductions.


It is important to beat the tax deadline every year. The quickest way to file is through an E-file program. If you mail in paper returns you can expect a six-week lag in comparison to filing online. Some programs feature an E-filing component, where others are only set up with a print option.


Each program holds varying costs and packages. Before you take the time to input all of your information, comparatively shop around. The word free is not a cover all in most applications. There are additional costs depending on your preferred way of filing and the needs of your particular scenario.


Checking the secured accesses and protection the program has in place is essential. There is sensitive information that is used when preparing your taxes that you will not want to become public knowledge. Keep in mind if you are unable find the proper authentication for the program, it may be unsafe to proceed.

The Bottom Line

Filing your taxes does not need to be a traumatic experience. With the right software, you will be done filing with enough time to enjoy the season. It is best to keep records and have a go to folder with all of your tax details in one place. With your software downloaded, and file in hand you will be prepared and ready with time to spare.