Software for Meditation

The Best Apps for Your Mental Wellbeing

Calm – The Calm app is geared to help you relax from the moment you open it, greeting you with the soothing tones of the great outdoors. Don’t like the sound of nature? Not a problem, you can change this in the settings to something more to your liking (like crickets or the ocean). But that’s just the surface, Calm provides you with guided daily sessions to help you get to grips with the art of meditation, helping you to unwind and set yourself free from the stress in your life. As well as these sessions you have access to a wide array of other helpful features including relaxing music tracks, sleep stories narrated by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Stephen Fry.

Cost: Premium Subscription costs £35.99 a year and there are also a number of free features too, this app is excellent value.

Headspace – Here is an app that focuses on helping you understand the basics in a simple way, which it manages to do very well. It’s perhaps the best-known meditation app on the market and boasts an incredible 36 million members from across the globe since its release in 2010. Headspace will help you learn how to meditate in 9 days by using short animated videos and guided exercises, if you do decide to become a member after this, you’ll have access to different types of meditation for all sorts of things such as stress relief, sleep, sports and even sessions for kids.

Cost: The first 9 days of sessions are free, if you should choose to continue premium membership will cost you £9.99 a month, £74.99 for a year or £399.99 for a lifetime.

10% Happier – For those that don’t have the patience for the soft and gentle approach of the previous apps 10% Happier may well be the best choice for you. It prides itself on having a sort of no-nonsense approach to meditation. One of the founders of the app is Dan Harris, he began meditation after having a panic attack live on national television, he too claims to have a short attention span and wanted to create something better suited to people like himself. The app does have a certain relaxed and simplistic nature that really is refreshing, its interface is modest and it uses short videos to guide you. This is a great app for those who want to take on meditation without it dominating their daily routine.

Cost: There are several free packages here with premium membership costing £5.99 a month or £55.99 for a year.

Insight Timer – This is sort of a social network for meditation, what’s really great about Insight Timer however is that it boasts the biggest library of free guided meditations available which currently numbers around the 15,000 mark. Sessions range from beginner to experienced level and focus on all sorts, even things like building relationships and overcoming addiction, you can even customise your own sessions too. Its only issue is that as a beginner the whole thing can come off as quite daunting, if you manage to stick through it though this is a great app with an excellent community.

Cost: Insight Timer has plenty of free features though premium membership will provide you with extra sessions costing £55.99 a year.