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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Personal Assistant Software to Make Your Day Easier

Our daily schedule can become hectic in a hustle and bustle of to do lists. Whether the day is at work or busy at home, we have all wished for more hours in a day. Software developers have decided to grant our requests with some clever programs. Freezing time may not be an option; however, […]

The Deal About Photo Editing Software

We take pictures of many of lifes biggest and smallest celebrations. The generous Smiles and camera flashes catch more than just a moment. They capture an endless memory that we can enjoy for years to come. Pictures and photos see all and tell the tale to prove it. From red eyes to a fashionable faux […]

Virtual Views of Communication Software

Keeping in touch with friends and family was not always an instant task. Before the advanced technology we have today, letters were sent via couriers which could take a week or even a month to deliver. The Media has shown us  glimpses of far off tomorrows as we progressed from horse drawn mail carts to […]